What Are You Thankful For?

November is the month we celebrate being grateful, as a nation. I myself, am making being grateful a part of my daily routine. 


I am grateful for routines that stretch my comfort zone & allow me to explore opportunities to meet my goals.


I am grateful to have the responsibility associated with hiring contractors full time. 


I am grateful to be blessed with abundance & able to increase my professional equity, while also feeding other female business owners.


I am grateful for having one “baby daddy” &  three beautiful children, who are; each unique in their personalities and talents. 


I am grateful for a busy calendar & having somewhere to be late to.


I am grateful for sore muscles, screaming testaments of intense workouts. –


These may seem like strange things to be grateful for. Routines are a necessary part of every major league player’s success. These routines can difficult  


You are required to feed your own needs in order to be the very best you that you are capable of being. 


I am challenging you to be grateful today for your needs as a big league player! 


Feed yourself so that you can continue to feed others


Are you ready to start addressing your needs so that you can take a LEAP to ACTION & be an INSPIRATION with an agenda to EMPOWER others to begin their biggest HEALING?


If you are then click…

Playing Big + Healing = You Playing Bigger


If You Answered No Then this will help you get ready

I Need More Help


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“And Just Remember It Only Takes Just 1 Step beyond U”

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