Two Things That Cause Lack of Motivation



1. You have no freaking Idea what you want!


Having a goal of where you want to be or what you want to do in mind is a big part of being motivated. I can tell you from experience from working with my daughter and trying to guide her in the right direction. In college, she wanted to quit a lot because the major that was being studied no longer interested her, and she also had no idea what interested her anymore. This straight A scholarship student quickly went to an academic probation student. My daughter was not motivated to go to school or do the work that was assigned to her. We sat down and went through all possible careers that would be good for her and when we finally reached an aha! Moment her face just blossomed. She had found her passion and found her motivation again.




If you continuously think, feel, act, and are unmotivated then that is how you will stay. You must speak it into existence. You must pick yourself up and move as if you are motivated. You must want to feel motivated. It is in your mind, so if you act it eventually you will be it. Try saying “I am motivated.” “I feel motivated.” “I want to be motivated.”  You must manifest the things you want into existence even if only by saying simple affirmations. Remember it is a mindset, and you can do what ever you put your mind to.


This pandemic is not tough enough to stop you, Doubt and Fears will not hold you back because you are wonderful and fantastically you.

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What is something you have been putting off and neglecting? I challenge you to take the words I can’t, I don’t feel like it, and I will do it later out of your vocabulary and actual start right now doing something that you have been procrastinating doing.

It is important to understand that nothing comes to a procrastinator than dust and late fees if you get my drift.

What is it that you have been unmotivated to do and why?

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“God Bless”

“And Just Remember It Only Takes Just 1 Step beyond U”

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