The Second Step To Healing

Why do you want to heal? An odd question at first but one of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. Everything in life that the human mind can see has a reason for everything. If you want to understand it, you look for the reason behind it. Healing is no different from how the human mind perceives everything else.


You started remembering the trauma and admitting the truths by starting with yourself. In order to move forward you need to find out what your why is. You need to find out the reason you want to heal. There is no right answer , it can be as simple as I want to be happy, or I don’t want to hurt anymore, or even I want become a better mother or father and this is holding me back.

It may take some time to find that reason or it may come to you instantly. That reason, that why, will be your motivation to starting your journey on the path to healing. “On this journey you will have learned a lot about yourself and when your able to stand in your truth, own it and move on, then you would have reached another level.”

In taking the first step it prepared you with the resources you need for this second step.

What secrets do you hold inside?

What secrets have held you in bondage?

What secrets do you want to walk away from?

Answer that and take

a moment to breath and understand yourself more,

and with every breath release yourself from your past.




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