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How does meeting your child’s fundamental needs creates happier children and makes YOU a more impactful parent?

  Do you know how to have a successful relationship with your child? Over a week Erica Lynn posted a blog written by Kristina Campos, and in the blog she shared tips on how to implement impactful parenting techniques in your regimen. The reason why Erica did a series on impactful parenting is because as […]

Living a Courageous Life With The 7 Techniques of Healing and Erica Lynn

  I was asked to record a video for a group people who are in need of a little extra pep in their step, well perhaps a lot of pep in their step. As I was preparing the content I began thinking if I had 7 steps to carry me through when I was a […]

Parenting is NOT What I Expected

Are you frustrated with the parenting life?  Is your child simply not turning out the way you wanted? You’re not alone.  We all get frustrated with the efforts and results of parenting.  Our kids feel the disappointment too. In my classroom, I hear students say, “Ms. Campos, I know I am disappointing my parents.  I’ve […]

Episode 7 : How Can You Overcome Obstacles When You Live A Life With Cerebral Palsy

  Can you overcome challenges even if you were born with them? The exceptional Podcast host, Win Kelly Charles, has cerebral palsy and her mission is to help others with physical and mental disabilities to find their voices through written or spoken word, using today’s assistive technologies as needed. Erica Lynn wanted to show you […]

What Every Child Needs

Is your teen acting out?  Does your child seem anxious?  Maybe you feel that your child is starting to pull away from you emotionally?   Acting out, anxiety, and pulling away can signify that your child is not feeling secure in their primary needs.  What are their fundamental needs? Security, Acceptance, and Power.  So, before you […]

Episode 6 : Living A Life with Keratoconus Will Not Hold You Back

  Look Into A Glimpse Of Your New Life Have heard of the word keratoconus? What would you think? Whatever it is, doesn’t sound good and you would probably begin to think the worst. Can you imagine being told at the age of six that you have keratoconus and you were going to have vision […]

Two Things That Cause Lack of Motivation

    1. You have no freaking Idea what you want!   Having a goal of where you want to be or what you want to do in mind is a big part of being motivated. I can tell you from experience from working with my daughter and trying to guide her in the right […]

Episode 5 : How do you eat whatever you want and stay healthy at The Grubbank?

  How important is it to take care of your body? How important is it to put the right foods inside of your temple? Well my guest today knows all about this subject, she talks about it and teaches you, what results you will receive if you don’t guard and protect your temple. Nedra Banks […]

2 Ways To Overcome Stress During The Pandemic, While Taking Care Of Your Children, Helping With Homework etc.

This pandemic has been hard on everyone and when I say everyone, I literally mean everyone in the world. But it has especially been hard on a particular group of people and that would be parents. Being a single mom or dad is a tough job, and it’s also hard if you were a working […]

Episode 4 : Why do I not feel good enough

  If you want to learn how to take the weight off of the things you have been carrying for a long time, it is important to learn what you need to do to feel good enough. In this episode Apostle La Tasha Jordan of Repairers of The Breach Global Ministries share with us how […]