Love On Yourself

How DO You Love On Yourself?

One of the main steps in moving forward and becoming a better you is loving yourself. It’s easy to say but it’s not an easy task to accomplish. To love yourself you must accept yourself, as well as forgive yourself, and also know who you are. So how do you get there? Let’s start with forgiving yourself. To forgive yourself is to go through all the mistakes you’ve made in life step by step and heal from them. Know that everyone makes mistakes including you and it’s ok to no longer be that person anymore. It’s ok to evolve and learn from who you used to be and to learn from your actions. So you must forgive yourself first and for most.

Next you must accept yourself. Accepting yourself not only means forgiving yourself , but also accepting every flaw , every curve, every stretch mark, every scar, every ugly moment, and every ounce of all that is you. It does not mean you will always be the way you are and there is no growing but in order to grow you need to know what your growing from, always remember how you got there. Accept your voice, your skin, your shyness, your anger, your sexiness, your quirky self, and accept you for you. Once you have a clear starting point now you can draw a finish line.

The finish line is to love yourself. Love yourself through your past mistakes, through your battle scars, and all the way to the you that you want to be. Love yourself through daily affirmations and motivation, through daily goals that you accomplish and through health regimens that you complete. Loving yourself is the gateway drug to being fully healed and not just wearing a mask of confidence, you can actually have it. And just remember it only takes just 1 Step Beyond U! God Bless You.


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We are all human so mistakes are inevitable but when you fall off you MUST make sure you get back on track. Remember the only one stopping you from being great is YOU. So, follow these 3 steps and break through your obstacles and go beyond your limitations.

  1. Change Your mindset
  2. Ask yourself what goals do you want to accomplish?
  3. Learn 5 ways to your next level


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