Episode 2: Living In Fear In Your Own Mind


Sometimes we live in fear due to adversities that we might have experienced along the way, but this does not mean the end. These adversities should be taken as lessons to be applied later as the journey continues.

In this episode, meet Erica Gillis, a motivational speaker, and your host for the show. She has gone through pain and loss in her life which led to fear and allowing her past to dictate who was becoming.

Listen in to learn: how the power of prayer worked a miracle in Erica’s life, how God spoke her purpose in motivating people, and the type of content you can expect from the podcast going forth.

“A man only has two things; his word and his ambition.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • Erica narrates her beginning with fear due to a life of adversities
  • Learning to take your own advice of not allowing your past not to dictate your future- how Erica went back to school
  • The power of prayer in drying tears and finding direction in life
  • How to allow God to send you a mentor to motivate you for life (the story of Erica’s father and mentor)
  • How to use your word and ambition to accomplish your goals in every way
  • Allowing God to reveal your purpose- how Erica found a purpose in motivating people
  • The types of guests to expect in the Erica Lynn Speaks show in the future

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire or the life you imagine in our transformation together. Let’s continue the conversation…

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