“It’s The End of Chaos.”

It’s Time For A Reset

A lot of people made this statement on inauguration day from political officials to celebrities. The reset button has been hit and the groundwork has been laid for a better future. January 20th, 2021 is a day to remember for many reasons. Not only is it the day we got our new president and the old one has stepped down from office, but It is the day we have our first black female vice president of the United States. We had a very unexplainable four years and throughout everything that happened we never gave up.

If we can overcome a pandemic, job losses, economic crash, deaths, and a unexpected presidency then we can overcome anything. Many of your political views may be different from mine but what is important is that we focus on the upside of what this new term and new presidency brings us.

  1. We are breaking the status quo and bringing a woman of color not to be on the sidelines this time but to be in a role of power.
  2.  We are fighting for our rights and freedom for every living person in The United States.

It is breaking generational curses and tradition that was not meant to be around for as long as it was.

This day in history will never be forgotten and we will overcome and make it through anything.

We shall have a great term and great changes will be made for everyone.

Just remember it only takes Just 1 Step Beyond U!



Let’s Start Your Reset!

When you obtain the knowledge that is needed, you will grow.

When you step out of your comfort zone and address your underlining issues then you will heal.

When you obtain the systems and team of support, you will do away with the negative questions:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • Why did the other person do me that way?
  • Why did it not work out?
  • Why do it hurt so bad?

You must take a moment to breathe, know that you are enough, heal and grow into your next level!




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