Episode 8: How does meeting your child’s fundamental needs creates happier children and makes YOU a more impactful parent?


Do you know how to have a successful relationship with your child?

Over a week Erica Lynn posted a blog written by Kristina Campos, and in the blog she shared tips on how to implement impactful parenting techniques in your regimen. The reason why Erica did a series on impactful parenting is because as you go through the challenges of the pandemic you are faced with spending more time with your young people than ever before. You will learn a lot of great information that will help you tremendously.

Erica Lynn wanted to show you through her podcast, some tips to help overcome the challenges no matter what they are, you can over come them. With a little hard work and love, there is no mountain high enough to keep you from your purpose.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • How to deal with the anxiety of staying home with your children during the pandemic.
  • How to help your child feel secure
  • How to make your child feel secure.
  • How to help your child feel powerful
  • How to help the teenagers grow into their voice.
  • 3 Fundamental needs to help improve their behavior
  • We talk about how working with your children helps you
  • You learn how healing goes full circle.
  • How meeting your child’s fundamental needs creates happier children and makes YOU a more impactful parent!

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