Healing For A Higher Purpose

We’ve been blessed to have survived a pandemic, an economic shutdown, and don’t forget about the killer hornets!!!
I know we were all thinking there must be a reason or even a purpose why the world had to go through this… maybe it’s to build strength in all of us in more ways than before.

There’s a purpose for everything, but what about “healing” for a higher purpose?

Healing is a true willingness to be totally transparent with yourself, forgiving yourself and others for that experience you had with them and yourself. Taking responsibility for the part you played but not dwelling in it. The road to self-discovery, self-actualization is a powerful road because when you can say “No” to all things that hurt you and held you back from your purpose in life, then and only then, you can say “YES” to life.

Life has a funny way of changing who you are or who you think you were. Many people in life allow there past to define and dictate their future. I believe if you address a problem deal with it no matter how painful and hurtful it is; you can then overcome. I was in a verbally abusive relationship for many years, sometimes it would get physical, but the verbal abuse was enough to lower my self-esteem as low as it possibly could be.

Every time I was called stupid or made to feel that no other man would ever want me or made to feel like a child and that I had no voice of my own, that stuck in my head and I could not get past the things that were said. I use to say if my father was part of my everyday life none of this would happen. The truth is I had to come to the realization that I went through these experiences and learned lessons, learned healing techniques and most importantly learned how to overcome my weaknesses.

Take the time to think about three things: what are you healing from? What are you healing for? After you’ve healed whose lives can you help change? Remember that healing for a higher purpose isn’t just a concept but a lifestyle. I would have never thought I would be totally transparent to the world sharing my stories to help heal the wounds of countless many others.
“God Bless”

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