First Steps To Healing

The first step towards taking one step beyond “u” is healing.

It’s easier said than done right?

What exactly do I mean by healing? What steps must I take? How do I know if I’m healed?

You need to stop and reevaluate your life, understand your past.

It takes time to heal and it takes a whole lot of patience as well. This isn’t an overnight process where you just wake up tomorrow and everything is “perfect”. You have to patiently and willingly go through the steps to heal.

What is it that you want to heal from? What was the trauma in your life that caused you to feel/be stuck? What is keeping you from truly being happy?

That is the first step and most important step in healing. You must identify what it is you want to heal. It may be hard to remember those memories or envision those thoughts around the trauma. In order to heal you must fully understand what has stopped you from living your life.


Like I said it’s easier said than done. Most of us after experiencing trauma spend our whole lives trying to forget or erase those memories and erase that event. We try hard to remove it from our lives, but instead of removing it by healing we just try to forget, cover it up, or pretend it never happened.

Which is why consciously understanding and acknowledging the trauma is a big step in healing.

You’ve decided to lay it all on the table so you can truly heal from it and wipe the trauma clean. Let’s start by learning the tools you will need as you go through your healing process.

If you begin to open those closed doors, you want to equip yourself with the right knowledge to handle what came through the door when you opened.

You want to know that it is ok to scream, cry, and yell. The best gift you can give yourself is unleashing the power that has been inside of you the whole time.

Let’s start by taking that first step.

Are you ready to take your first steps by addressing your needs so that you can take a LEAP into ACTION & be an INSPIRATION with an agenda to EMPOWER yourself and others to begin their biggest HEALING?

If you are then click…

I Am Ready to take my first step


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“Don’t allow your limitations to hinder you, Instead Take 1 Step beyond U”

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