Episode 32-Erica Lynn Speaks Is Sharing Self Care Tips that will Grow You To Your Next Level!


Always take time for self-care. Only with your best self will you move forward.

Everything you do in life comes down to passion, determination, and strength. All three of these traits can only achieve their potential if you are taking the absolute best care of yourself. Everything from your morning health regimen to your nightly mental reset before bed must be built around you optimizing your best care routine. Take time each day to check in with yourself on certain things that may affect your daily life.


Today #ERICALYNNFAM we look at self-care and how it relates to your greater purpose. I have put together some wonderful tips to ensure you not only love yourself but also guide yourself closer to achieving your goals. Self-care is often overlooked due to stress and taking on more than we can handle. You must always keep up a good self-care routine to keep yourself centered and ready for life challenges.


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

  1. #ERICALYNNFAM Happy blizzard day fam! At the time of recording this episode, our local Michigan family was dealing with heavy snowfall. We wanted to take time to ensure everyone bundled up! ([2:52])


  1. The way you start with you is the way you end with you. You must start each day ready and willing to handle whatever life throws at you. ([03:54])


  1. PRIORITIZE SLEEP #ERICALYNNFAM! You cannot be your most fantastic self without adequate SLEEP ([8:52])


  1. Know your personal signs of stress. It is always important to be mindful of your stress level throughout the day. ([12:42])


  1. Treat your problems like your blessings. One of the #ERICALYNNFAM shared this anecdote and we totally agree. Ultimately things come into our lives to challenge us, if you are able to rise to the occasion and overcome the situation you will learn so much about yourself. ([20:07])


  1. we take a look at the positive reinforcement our listeners use on themselves. ([29:00])


7. Be ready to commit to your dreams. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in taking yourself to the next level.                  ([32:46])


8. The crucial piece to all of today’s material is the fact that when you start to put in the work you will notice that this is a                      constant practice. Living a life you deserve takes round the clock regiments. ([38:28])


9. Erica Lynn shares a learning experience on what it takes to elevate yourself to the next level. ([44:41])


10.  It is ok to grow. You may notice changes in yourself along the journey. This is a necessary part of growth. ([48:37])


11. Erica Lynn closes the show with A slideshow of Michelle Obama. ([59:53])



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When you have completed listening and learning from Erica it is important to take these selfcare routines and make an important part of your life.

When you stretch yourself, and rejuvenate you will be amazed of the things you will be able to do. Don’t give up on you!

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