Episode 5 : How do you eat whatever you want and stay healthy at The Grubbank?


How important is it to take care of your body? How important is it to put the right foods inside of your temple? Well my guest today knows all about this subject, she talks about it and teaches you, what results you will receive if you don’t guard and protect your temple.

Nedra Banks from The Grubbank is a health planning, meal prepping guru, that creates a meal plan specifically for you and you and your lifestyle. She teaches you how to shop at the grocery store, how to be mindful and truly understand what is in the foods you put in your body.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • How does Nedra gives back to the less fortunate that do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables?
  • What major needs did she see was in the inner city?
  • What our young people needs to get them going in the morning
  • What exactly is meal prepping and the benefits of it
  • Erica shares how meal prepping has truly helped her
  • You will hear how Nedra spoils Erica
  • Erica has learned a new way of cooking and she shares it with you
  • Nedra teaches you a fun way to change your lifestyle
  • Nedra tells you how to get started with your meal prepping process
  • You will hear how Erica became Vegan and did not know it.
  • Erica shares her results of her lifestyle change after she became Vegan
  • How do you maintain a busy life and eat healthy at the same time?
  • Nedra share her health challenges and how she cured them
  • Hear how your sex drive changes when you change your intake.

Powerful Quotes from Podcast

“Let your light shine.”

“When you tell your story, it will take the weight off the trauma.”

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Contact The Gubbank @ nedrabanks1@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegrubbank/


Youtube: The grubbank or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChve_SF_aQfABxry7X-T0Jg


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