Episode 9 : Kawan Glover Is The Serial Overcomer on Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast


Hear how Kawan overcame three brain surgeries, a stroke, depression/anxiety, suicidal ideation, opioid addiction, and $1.2 million in medical debt.

Erica Lynn has had another mind blowing podcast episode. Her podcast are filled with rewarding stories of how others overcame adversities in order to live the life they dreamed of. Erica Lynn is no stranger to pain and emotional hurt, however she shares examples of her own trials along with her guest, which will help you become stronger and prepare yourself for your new life.

On this episode of Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast my guest is definitely a serial overcomer, you will hear his resilience of how life just kept throwing him blows and how Kawan kept fighting back. His amazing story will not only make you take a step back and think about your own life but you will understand how when you fight for you what the  outcome will be.


What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • How God Turned things around with his brain malformation
  • Kawan talks about who was his support system
  • What was the cause of Kawan to having a stroke?
  • What were some of the healing techniques Kawan used to help him overcome depression?
  • How did he break his  habit of opioids addiction
  • What effects Marijuana had on him to cause him to quit
  • Erica shares a story of how she kicked the habit of smoking cigarettes
  • How did a he rack up 1.2 million dollars in debt/
  • How did an example of what Les Brown did has helped him?
  • Erica and Kawan share a tip on how to get your medical bills paid
  • What is Kawan doing now that he passed all of the 

Powerful Quotes from Podcast

“You don’t go through something just to go through it”

“You can’t get water out a turnip”
“Either you lay down and let life take over or are you going to take over your life?”

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To Find Out more on How to Reach Kawan Glover

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/OvercomeAdversityWithKawan
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/kawanglover – @kawanglover
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/kawan_glover – @kawan_glover
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/kawanaglover


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