2 Ways To Overcome Stress During The Pandemic, While Taking Care Of Your Children, Helping With Homework etc.

This pandemic has been hard on everyone and when I say everyone, I literally mean everyone in the world. But it has especially been hard on a particular group of people and that would be parents. Being a single mom or dad is a tough job, and it’s also hard if you were a working parent, single parent or not. This pandemic changed the way we do everything especially how we interact with our kids. There is 2 ways to overcome stress during the pandemic, while taking care of your children, helping with homework etc.


2020 is the age of digital, especially since children are now doing virtual learning. We all know not every parent is tech savvy, so this has been a stressful experience for everyone. With now overseeing your child’s learning schedule, you have added more stress than normal from the get a break pre-pandemic era. I have a suggestion for those virtual learning parents.

Number 1: Their break is your break. Normally children have a break session so during the break let your child have a snack and watch some TV or play a quick game in between. They will not bother you and in that hour or 30 minutes you can be creative, or you can simply take a nap, watch a show yourself, or work on something you have been trying to get done. Trust me I have seen it work.

Weekends use to be something we all looked forward to. Our fun 3-day weekends, but now in this pandemic era everything still has not opened and again we are all still stuck in the house. The kids no matter how old are running around and you are once again “stressed”. That is where Number 2 comes in… Exercise! Fitness is a fun way to relieve stress and keep the kids occupied. A simple workout video, jogging around your block, taking a walk in the park, or just simply doing some stretching can help you overcome so much stress. You can take time to play sports you haven’t played in years, actually taking that run you haven’t taken in forever, by just busting a good ole sweat is a great way to get your blood pumping and get rid of stress.


This pandemic is a tough one, but we will all get through it I promise. If you need some inspiration go to my Facebook or YouTube and watch some of my workout videos from the beginning of the pandemic.

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It is time for you to focus on you, I want you to do something to focus on you: Get your hair done, treat yourself to dinner, go for a walk, sleep in later than normal, or perhaps just do something that you have always wanted to do. Please respond in the comments below and tell me what did you do for yourself today or this week.

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