Episode 4 : Why do I not feel good enough


If you want to learn how to take the weight off of the things you have been carrying for a long time, it is important to learn what you need to do to feel good enough.

In this episode Apostle La Tasha Jordan of Repairers of The Breach Global Ministries share with us how to repair and bridge the gap in your life situations.

La Tasha and I discussed many great things and shared very heartfelt stories of traumatic experiences we had in the past.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • What steps you take after you identify your root cause
  • Latasha shares when searching for who you really are how to find God.
  • La Tasha shares how burying herself in sports affected her overcoming not feeling good enough
  • Building a relationship with God, how that will help you find yourself
  • What do you do when you’re not getting enough support?
  • Learn how to be good enough for yourself
  • Hear what La Tasha did when she did not have a cheering section.
  • Taking the next step to the next level of becoming the best version of yourself
  • Learn how to use your life experiences to reach out and help others.
  • The difference between our lifestyle and that of our ancestors and why we should live healthier
  • How do you know if you are wearing a mask?
  • You will hear how La Tasha overcame being molested
  • God has always seen you through your trying time

Powerful Quotes from Podcast

“When you grow you can glow.”

“When you tell your story, it will take the weight off the trauma.”

“Find your safe place.”

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