Episode 39 – Let’s Move Forward In Your Purpose with Judge Leonia Lloyd


Episode 39 – Let’s Move Forward In YourPurposewith Judge Leonia LloydTo reach your greater purpose, you move your life forward.

#ERICALYNNFAM the success you have achieved so far is amazing. It has been great watching all of your achievements and updates through the live chats. I wanted to focus today’s episode on moving forward. Moving forward in life and success.

Today’s guest is the Honorable Judge Leona Lloyd. Having faced adversity in the racism in the education system she rose to the rank of Judge and continues making a change for her community today. We discussed the power of knowledge, we discussed the power of community, but most importantly we discussed the power of you and how your hard work creates a better life.

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

1. #ERICALYNNFAM Please welcome Judge Leona Lloyd to the show ([03:29])


2.  Judge Leona Lloyd faced racism in the education system growing up. She stood bravely in the face of adversity and accomplished her goals. ([11:05])


3. Mrs. Lloyd shares a short story about inspiring others on her way to law school. ([17:26])


4. The Judge drops some serious knowledge about rising above the continued cycle of substance abuse.([22:20])


5. Mrs Lloyd reflects on the opportunity to attend modeling school. ([24:56])


6. Mrs Lloyd touches on the power of knowledge. ([29:22])


7. Judge Leona Lloyd had the honor of working with the legendary soul singer David Ruffin of the temptations ([36:19])
8. hear Mrs. Lloyd reflect on the successful negotiations of a multi-million dollar contract. ([41:28])


9. Judge Leona Lloyd wanted to practice law to help people. And she starts by treating those she judges with dignity and respect. ([51:23])
10. Find Judge Leona Lloyd on all social media platforms ([1:11:48])
11. Erica Lynn gives her closing comments on today’s topic. ([1:11:48])


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