Episode 38 – Elevating Into Your Purpose with Rosemary Tucker


Your greater purpose requires greater work.

When life finally puts all the right pieces into a place you will find your greater purpose. Once you know what it is that God has planned for you the immense journey will begin. The journey is where you will find most of the work resides.

Our Guest Rosemary Tucker has joined us to share with us her journey and how she shares her purpose with the world. Rosemary saw a need within her community and decided to act. She is the founder/CEO of Hoodies4Healing. A Clothing line dedicated to serving the homeless cooked meals and providing resources.

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

1. #ERICALYNNFAM Today Rosemary Tucker joins the platform to share her amazing journey.([05:30])


2. “God, you be a blessing to my children so I will be a blessing to yours.” – Rosemary Tucker ([06:57])


3. Rosemary talks about the importance of sharing the abundance and blessings God brings to your life.[14:05])


4. Erica Lynn talks about the learning curve that came with social media and establishing a brand.([15:29])


5. Hoodies4Healing takes every dollar raised from purchases and turns that into food and resources served every Sunday to those living on the streets. ([16:10])


6. Rosemary’s approach to serving the community is a big part of why she is able to help so many people in her community. ([29:15])


7. Rosemary discusses the rewards of sharing abundance and the blessings of her children. ([31:34])
8. The girls discuss the importance of trusting God’s plan and following through with the decisions you have made on the blessings in your life. ([39:24])


9. #ERICALYNNFAM Rosemary Tucker shares how you can get in touch with her on social media.([44:35])
10. Rosemary Tucker delivers her final thoughts on the show. ([55:03])
11. Erica Lynn gives her closing comments on today’s topic. ([1:00:26])


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