S.T.E.P.: Successfully Transition into your Elevated purpose.

Today’s episode features an outline as a guideline for reaching your greater purpose. Through my journey, I realized I was experiencing things and learning things that were unique to the transition process. Things that could benefit someone going through a transition of their own.#ERICALYNNFAM I put this together specifically for those going through a transition in their lives searching for inspiration on where to go next.

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

1. #ERICALYNNFAM In today’s episode we discuss S.T.E.P.: Successfully Transition into your elevated purpose. I created an outline on how to not only find your purpose in life and successfully transition into your greater purpose. ([2:33])


2. long your journey you will face obstacles and adversity from naysayers. It is very important that you stay focused on your goals and the success that lies ahead. ([08:39])


3. What transitions are you prepared to go through? During your journey, you may require a complete transformation of your life. This is no light work. ([11:28])


4. You must always be prepared to rise to the occasion. Erica Lynn tells the story of when she had to create a spoken word performance in just a week for a last-minute performance she was booked on. ([14:48])


5. his transition in your life you will need your mind and body healthy and energized. Always be proactive in keeping in check with your care. ([25:04])


6. #ERICALYNNFAM Elevate your soul, to reach your greater purpose your actions need to speak to who you are inside. ([27:07])


7. You have to be comfortable telling the young generations your true story if we want our childrenliving a proper world. ([34:26])
8. Matthew Johnson Sr. drops some serious knowledge in the live chat on Facebook. Thank you, Matthew! We always love hearing from the #ERICALYNNFAM ([39:00])


9. Erica Lynn shares tips on re-shifting your focus after you get off track. ([50:49])
10. Erica Lynn shares a powerful message on procrastination. Procrastination and laziness are one in the same. If you find yourself procrastinating remind yourself that procrastination is a byproduct of laziness. ([50:32])
11. Erica Lynn gives her closing comments on the S.T.E.P. Transition. ([56:07])


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