Episode 34 – Recharge Strategies with Dr. Chere Goode on Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast


You can recharge and go to your next level without skipping a beat.

Taking steps toward your greater purpose will be bountiful, yet these steps will be real, they will bearduous in plenty. This will involve growth on levels you may have never achieved before and willrequire an immense amount of energy. You will feel this energy and know inside that it’s time for abreak. #ERICALYNNFAM It is time to recharge.

Today I sit down with Dr. Chere Goode, Founder/CEO of Total Harmony Enterprises. Goode is a wife and mother, as well as, the Creator of the annual RECHARGE Expo. Dr Goode is a NationallyCertified in Hospice and Palliative Care Practical Nurse for for 30+ years as well as a10 time #1Amazon Best Selling International Author.


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

1. #ERICALYNNFAM We welcome Dr. Chere Goode, she brings with her powerful techniques that will have you recharged and optimized for any challenges life may bring ([3:56])


2. A lot of people like to normalize the grief process. Dr. Goode tragically lost her son JordanAlexander Cofield in a motorcycle accident. A maverick of a Starting Wide Receiver for Morgan StateUniversity A beloved son, he was a wonderful person to all he met. May he rest in peace. ([08:07]


3. “Grief can be a lonely journey especially after the funeral procession is over with. In the beginning, everybody’s around but then after the dust settles it’s like you are on an island all by yourself.” -Dr. ChereGoode. ([11:10])


4. Erica Lynn touches on how people who experience trauma are affected in all facets of their lives. ([14:00])


5. A healthy diet is key to sustaining your energy when you are performing at your optimized level. Dr. Goode shares 2 acronyms she has created for a guide to maximum energy. ([19:09])


6. Erica Lynn recognizes that the #ERICALYNNFAM encompasses all who wish to step into their greater purpose, and asks a wonderful question concerning exercise for those with disabilities. ([24:00])


7. of the most crucial pillars of recharging are forgiveness and healing. Dr. Goode enlightens us on why they are so integral to recharging and energy optimization. ([33:41])
8. Celebrate yourself! Dr. Goode reminds us to always recognize our achievements and be our own biggest cheerleaders. ([36:14])


9. Erica Lynn recalls a speech she delivered after a spoken word performance. The speech touched on love and commitment ([53:42])


10. Erica Lynn and Dr. Goode share a final discussion on the benefits of natural remedies to treat hot flashes ([56:14])


11. Erica Lynn closes the show with A final message on recharging and staying focused. ([58:24])


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