Episode 33 – Tapping Into Your Authentic Self w/Novah Davis on Erica Lynn Speaks


Be authentic, the right people and opportunities will present themselves.

Today #ERICALYNNFAM I wanted to examine a particular part of life we all face challenges. Whether it’s facing the unknown or dealing with an individual or situation we may face that may cause excitement or anxiety we tend to go on autopilot and blindly deal with those situations.


Novah Davis joins this episode and we have a blast! We cover everything from our unbreakable bond to what keeps us moving towards life’s greater purpose. We hope you leave today’s podcast with a better understanding of why it is so important to not only know yourself but to accept yourself and always be your truest self.


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

1. #ERICALYNNFAM We welcome my best friend and the woman who helped start it all. Novah Davis comes on to talk about tapping into your authentic self. ([1:49])


2. Novah Davis explains how we have remained friends for so long and what’s important to remember in maintaining a long-time friendship. ([05:49])


3. The ladies share their thoughts on self-care. Always remember to take time for yourself. ([9:54])


4. The #ERICALYNNFAM Ask who motivates Erica Lynn while she is out here motivating everyone else?([13:47])


5. Novah shares her personal rules for going out and handling the days’ challenges. ([19:37])


6. Learn about all the health benefits of meditation. ([26:07])


7. A member of the #ERICALYNNFAM asks a great question. Do you all think that setting goals can cause you to become overwhelmed or have anxiety? ([34:14])
8. we share tips on how to find your true purpose if you are good at many things but are unable to choose a direction ([42:28])


9. Erica Lynn shares her advice on bringing your art of creation into reality. ([48:53])


10. Get your house in order, if your home is in order your life will be. ([54:24])


11. Erica Lynn’s closing comments. ([59:23])


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