Episode 31 Gratitude Through Falling Off The Bike W/Rodney C. Burris


There is always something to learn when you don’t succeed!

Life teaches us many lessons. For instance, when meeting someone for the first time you ask certain questions and respond accordingly to gauge the type of person you are interacting with. When trying a new hobby we may look on the internet or buy books on the topic to obtain further knowledge before starting a said hobby. There are so many events and areas in a life brimming with the opportunity to learn and improve yourself.

One area of our lives we overlook for knowledge is a failure. People often avoid dealing with the outcome of failure so they can delay facing uncomfortable emotions. What we don’t realize is, that when we shut ourselves off from examining our failures, we shut ourselves off from obtaining opportunities. There are so many things you can learn from confronting failure and rising in the face of adversity. Episode 31features Amazon best-selling author, Rodney C. Burris joining us to share his knowledge of life-transforming techniques of examining or cycles we get into and how to optimize our best selves.


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

  1.  Mr. Burris discusses his start and how a mutual entrepreneur helped him take his brand to the next level. ([6:53])


  1. Hear about a memorable meeting between Rodney and a student on who he had a profound impact.([11:07])


  1. Get Off The Cycle. Rodney C. Burris’s Amazon best-selling book details navigating the cycle and obstacles while retaining crucial elements and strategies to always keep going. ([19:10])


  1. Erica Lynn speaks on the importance of noticing the tools God has put inside you and implementing them into your everyday life.([24:42])


  1. Rodney shares the three factors that are key in finding the right life for you. ([33:04])


  1. Be confident in your process. While everyone may not receive your idea positively you may be on the verge of setting a pivotal trend. ([37:10])


  1. Mr. Burris shares a gift of knowledge on the connection between happiness and enjoyment. ([44:08])


  1. It is wonderful to find your purpose, but be sure to know your limits. You can only achieve the best in your endeavors at full attention. ([48:23])


  1. Rodney shows admiration for Erica Lynn and shares how she motivated him to become a motivational speaker. ([54:12])


10. Erica & Rodney take comments from the fans. ([59:00])


11. Erica Lynn closes the show with pictures and stories of important people in her life. ([1:06:27])


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