Episode 30 – Gratitude Through The Lens w/Monica Morgan & Erica Lynn Speaks


Capturing historical events on camera and finding gratitude in the bigger picture


History…Our most precious tool in sustaining and improving our society. All of our moments both favored and marred, provide us with the knowledge to grow. We recount these events through various forms of media be it television, radio, and magazines but there is something to be said about honest and raw emotion captured in photographs.

Episode 30 features Monica Morgan, a prolific photojournalist that holds the Distinct honor of being chosen by Rosa Parks specifically as her personal photographer. All throughout the world Monica’s photographs have displayed courage and spread inspiration. Join us as Mrs. Morgan shares her story of how she became the photojournalist and prominent leader in the community that she is today.

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

1. Erica Lynn introduces this weeks guest, world renowned photojournalist Monica Morgan. For decades Monica has been capturing some of the worlds most iconic events through history through the camera lens, photographed high profile clients such as President Nelson Mandela; Muhammed Ali; Muammar Ghaddafi; Prince Charles; and on top of all this you can find her  every Saturday from [4:00]-6:00 pm EST on IHeart radio hosting her very own show([2:35])

2. Monica tells how she discovered her love for photography. ([04:24])

3. “Because somebody is listening to this podcast right now or will listen in the future, they need to know this they need to hear this. Believe in yourself, somebody might not believe in you so what who cares what they think. Believe in yourself and believe in your abilities because god put you here for a reason.” -Erica Lynn ([09:45])

4. Monica discusses the strength it takes to wield the camera during some of histories most notable moments. ([12:50])

5. Mrs. Morgan recounts the meeting of revolutionary anti-apartheid political leader Nelson Mandela  ([13:59])

6. Monica Morgan hosts a weekly radio show every Saturday from [4:00]-[6:00] P.M. EST. You can listen online at https://910amsuperstation.com/([21:46])

7. Erica takes questions from our community. ([27:20])

8. Monica Morgan’s take on personal growth. ([42:18])

9. ”I think the thing that I always like to tell people who are trying to grow in their profession, their love, or their career is, they may still be working a 9-5. It does not make you a failure; it does not make you a quitter.” -Erica Lynn ([45:16])

10. Monica let’s us all know the  great plans she has in store for us. ([47:03])

11.Monica Morgan’s powerful closing message to the community. ([53:52])

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