Episode 29 – Finding gratitude through grief W/ Dr. Portia Lockett, Barbara Bankston & Erica Lynn Speaks


Grief, the most intense emotions can teach you the most important lessons

Erica Lynn continues her discussion on gratitude and explores how finding gratitude through grief can help heal you. More often we stray from the less appealing emotions like sadness and grief because we are afraid of the outcome. Only through standing strong and facing the unpredictable challenges of life will you begin to step beyond into your true self.


In the last episode we explored wonderful ways we can give and receive gratuity, in this episode we look at how recognizing gratitude during your most difficult challenges can empower you to keep moving forward. Erica Lynn brings two great friends and wonderful leaders in the community on the podcast to share their stories and knowledge of gratitude during troubling times, we are pleased to have

Dr. Portia Lockett and Pastor Barbara Bankston join us for a thought provoking look at gratitude through grief.


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

    1. On the last episode we were discussing gratitude through family and Erica was telling stories about wonderful family festivities and the gratuity she feels for time spent with loved ones. During this segment we displayed several videos, One of which was Erica Lynn’s mother dancing and one was an example of the dance. Erica’s mother was not happy with how she was portrayed in said videos. We sincerely apologize for any misconceptions. ([2:28])



    1. Our First guest is Dr. Portia Lockett, esteemed Director of Community Affairs and Spiritual Care for the Detroit Medical Center, has been empowering professionals through motivational speaking for over two decades, earning attention and praise from dozens of prominent companies such as human service agencies and educational institutions. ([06:29])


    1. “To have good people surrounding you, the only place you can go is up.” -Erica Lynn ([10:24])


    4.“People always assume death is the only you can experience a loss.” –Dr. Portia Lockett

    Loss can be  experienced in many was affecting your life; be it the loss of health, the loss of spirituality, the loss of income etc.  ([14:09])


    1. what are some ways we can show gratitude during our journeys through grief? Dr. Portia Lockett gives unique advice as a grief specialist on how we can use the power of being mindful of things we are thankful for to produce a healthy outcome in a time of grief. ([18:11])


    1. One pivotal discovery of spirituality for Erica Lynn was beginning to read the book of Proverbs. ([29:12])


    1. Erica takes questions from our community. ([29:29])


    1. Dr. Portia Lockett shares an empowering poem she learned from her mother encouraging you to always work towards being your best self. ([34:43])


    1. Our second guest is Pastor Barbara Bankston. Having a masters degree in management serving as a pastor for the youth and grown ups alike, Barbara has made it her mission in life to help those around her and across the country become their best self.([36:15])


    1. Erica Lynn reflects on first meeting Barbara at church and how they both felt God bringing them together for a bigger purpose. ([38:49])


    1. Pastor Barbara discusses editing her upcoming book and reflects on the loss of her daughter. She began to see a shift in the perspective she felt enduring sadness and loss while on path that God has bestowed upon her. ([42:19])


    1. Another member of our community comments on how only when she leaned into her truth and acknowledged how she carried it for so long only then could the healing begin. ([55:22])


    1. Pastor Barbara acknowledges the responsibilities God has given her in being a safe space for people to come looking for guidance. ([1:09:46])


    1. “God can never heal what you won’t reveal.” -Pastor Barbara Bankston ([1:20:17])

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