Episode 28 Gratitude Erica Lynn Speaks


Living fulfilled starts with gratitude!

On this episode of Erica Lynn Speaks, Erica covers the topic of gratitude and the Importance of always being grateful of the experience of life. There are so many ways we translate gratitude between one another and we take a look at how that can impact our lives and those around us. Showing appreciation to friends and family can provide an uplifting


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

  1. Erica discusses The importance of taking time to ensure that you are well rested Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically when life throws unexpected variables your way. ([6:30])



  1. showing gratitude for someone who is in your life can be as simple as a heartfelt Thank You Card ([10:07])


  1. Another way of showing gratitude for someone can be volunteering your time to help a friend in need. Any type of help is a much welcomed act of gratuity([16:10])


  1. A message from one of our beloved followers ([23:05])


  1. During Erica Lynn’s bout with Covid her mother dropped of groceries. In times of sickness gratitude can change even the most trying circumstances ([28:18])


  1. This episode is dedicated to Bo Jones [Demetrius Jones] Erica Lynn’s Brother, Bo lost his battle with cancer in August of 2021. Erica will forever be grateful for the love and compassion he showed throughout his life. ([31:42])


  1. A trip to St. Louis had Erica doing an off the cuff presentation to onlookers at the local club. She remains grateful for the opportunity to have her sister proud of her sharing this knowledge with the world. ([35:54])




  1. Erica Lynn’s final thoughts for Episode 28. ([45:38])

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