Episode 27-The Wrongfully Convicted Part Two


Why is being innocent not enough?

In part one you learned the harrowing journeys of Kenneth Nixon, Larry Darnell Smith Jr., Gregory Berry, And Ricardo Ferrell. Today Kenneth and Larry bring a friend and fellow exoneree Marvin Cotton Jr. To discuss the powerful work, they continue to do for wrongfully convicted individuals forced to live imprisoned in the correctional facilities.


Erica Lynn sits down with these gentlemen for Part two of The Wrongfully Convicted and we take a look at Key errors of the criminal justice system keeping men and women wrongfully imprisoned all across America. We also take a look at the steps one must take when wrongfully convicted to get the conviction overturned and earn their exoneration and freedom.


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

  1. The National Organization of Exonerees are headed to Missouri to fight for the freedom of men and women who are currently wrongfully convicted and locked behind bars! ([8:53])


  1. “statistics show Michigan recorded top 5 year after year since 1989 highest number of exonerations.” ([14:49]


  1. “I had a friend who got locked up about the same time I did in 1981 and he never made it out, he died before he could prove his innocence.” -Ricardo Ferrell ([18:44])


  1. Ricardo Ferrell’s Powerful Message of Hope. ([35:51])


  1. Marvin Cotton Jr. gives a brief history of The National Organization of Exonerees and the great people behind this powerful organization. Everything you donate goes directly towards helping those unlawfully placed behind prison walls. ([41:42])


  1. All Across the U.S. The National Organization of Exonerees answers the call, making the journey any way possible. Planes, trains, busses, and even piling into a car trekking to those who need them. Staying overnight three people with two beds and one cot dedicated to helping men and women who have had their freedom stolen. ([49:48])


  1. Larry Darnell Smith Jr. talks about the two brave women Claudia Whitman and Mary Owens who fought for his freedom while every Innocence Clinic overlooked his case. ([51:40])


8.Rest In Peace James Calhoun Lost his battle to cancer behind bars. Our thoughts and prayers go out James for dealing with an illness so debilitating all while persevering through trials and tribulations of being locked away. May the arms of God take you home. ([55:24])


  1. Erica Lynn gets adopted into The National Organization of Exonerees family! ([56:51])

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