Episode 24 – How Gerard’s Cardiac Arrest Led to “Living Hope”


Who is Gerard Long?

Gerard Long is an author and, pastor, who had a 30-year career in banking and is the Founder and President of a non-profit corporation, Awakening to God Ministries.

In today’s episode, Gerard and I discuss how “Living Hope” was born from the ashes of tragedy that buckled his family. Through times of unimaginable loss coupled with his own cardiac arrest, you will hear his story of hope and faith.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

1 – I ask Gerard the question, how do you keep moving? After such adversity and we discuss the message, he has for us. ([13:28])

2 – Gerard shares the story of his cardiac arrest and how he was called to start “Living Hope” ([25:00]). I also share my testimony and “the call” I answered when God spoke to me.

3 – What is your purpose? Have you heard the call but are afraid to answer? Listen to this show and you will be reminded how important you are and why it’s time to answer that call. We discuss Hebrews 13 and Jeremiah 33:3.

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