Episode 23- Inner Healing, Writing, and Education with Dr. Stella Hall


Who is Dr. Stella Hall?

Dr. Stella Hall was my guest on this episode, and we had a great time! Dr. Hall is the CEO of the SHR group that focuses on business mentorship and grant writing. She also has the Wize House Academy that provides tutoring and home school services from age 3 to infinity, SAT, ACT, and GED prep. In addition, she has the Wize House School of Ministry which focuses on Inner Healing courses. Lastly, Dr. Stella also leads the Kingdom Living Publishing Company, is a
writing coach, and a publisher. (https://stellarhall.com/)

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

1 – Our discussion in this episode starts with Dr. Hall sharing her definition of Inner Healing. ([6:50]) She explains that it is being free from the inside out. Inner healing is learning the difference between Cope versus Dealing With. We must learn who we are, Imposter Syndrome, and Forgiveness.

2 – Our conversation takes us to the topic of writing. ([11:35]) She gives us insight and shares her advice to the writers in all of us, JUST WRITE IT. She explains that we should not worry about the form and the perfection of writing rather we should just put it on paper. “What is written is reality”

3 – Dr. Hall shares information about her Educational Services. She offers tutoring support in basic subjects such as math and writing. ([15:45]) We learn about the way she is able to teach individuals that benefit from her services and she shares two valuable pieces of advice to the parents turned teacher during this pandemic.

1) Don’t yell at your children
2) Let them take breaks

We discuss the different temperaments each one of our children has and that we should learn their
love language. Although we are adults and their parents we must learn to LISTEN to our children.


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