Episode 22- Victory After Trauma with Dr. Zowee Jamison-Shanks


What is this episode about?

In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Zowee Jamison-Shanks, she is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist who has overcome her childhood trauma and is passionate about others overcome theirs. Dr. Zowee is also a wife, a mother, Philanthropist, and an Ordained Evangelist. (from zoweeshanks.com)

In this uplifting, energy driven episode Dr. Zowee and I share her story of trauma and past struggles. She shares how she was able to uplift herself from a life that was full of obstacles and strife.

Starting in trauma but ending in victory!

1 – Growing up in the world without a mother she longed to connect with women and through her longing and lack of connection she was able to hear voices ([4:50]). The voices she heard were not that of an imaginary sort, they were the voices of mentors and teachers that wanted to help her and live the amazing future Zowee was destined for.

2 – Dr. Zowee shares a pivotal story that taught her that in order to succeed she would need to make sacrifices. “Faith without work is dead” ([6:00])

3 – As a child Dr. Zowee filled the void her mother had left with her passing and she became her mother’s replacement in her family. Dr. Zowee shares a story she has never shared before with us during our chat ([8:45])

4 – Our chat is pure and filled with promise and hope for you, we share an energy filled testimony that will fill your heart. This message is here for the taking. We remind you that your pain is going to be your purpose, you didn’t go through it for nothing! ([14:40])

5 – Dr. Zowee speaks life to the listeners and fills us with an important message we need to hear, she is one of the voices alongside mine that will help you move forward. ([19:14])

6 – We deliberate the necessity of mental breaks and the importance of filling our own tanks so that we too can fill the tanks of others. ([19:50])


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