Episode 21: The Mind Matters – Ask Dr. Michele Leno


Have you ever thought of the impact of mental health on society?

In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michele Leno. Dr. Leno is a licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan. She has several years of experience providing therapy and coaching. Dr. Leno’s interests include performance anxiety, business owners and stress management, depression in athletes and entertainers, and effects of social media on mental health.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

1 – Dr. Leno believes if we improve our mental health, we will improve our overall quality of life. Dr. Michele Leno is the talk show host of Mind Matters with Dr. Michele. (LinkedIn Profile) ([5:20])

2 – During our interview we discuss different ways we can relieve stress and find a healthy outlet. ([7:50]) Some of the examples we examine are working out at the gym, yoga and hot yoga, setting intentions first thing in the morning, breathing or breath work and one that we probably forget often is hydrating. Sometimes our overwhelm doesn’t make sense in our minds but simply taking inventory of our water intake will help with our stress. Make sure you listen to Dr. Michel and I discuss this further.

3 – To achieve our big plays, we need to change our limiting beliefs. ([14:15]) When the narrative in our mind is constantly telling us we can’t and we aren’t capable, we limit ourselves because we believe the negative thoughts. Limiting beliefs can be a message we have been hearing from childhood, maybe from our parents, teachers, friends, people we looked up to when we were looking for guidance. Another source of limiting beliefs can be from our partners, a boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, and we have started to believe that we are not capable. For us to succeed we need to stop those thoughts and reprogram our minds to believe in our capacity to do what we are intended to do.

4 – A good dialogue we dive into is the mindset of collecting unemployment versus going back to work. ([13:40]) Some people are having a hard time going back to work as things open back up and we talk about the fear that may be associated with that, fear of the virus, fear of routine, fear of returning to a job we hate.

5 – To combat fear, we look at ways we can try to overcome them and Dr. Michele suggest a fun and interesting way to do that. ([19:00])
6 – Dr. Michele shares an amazing tip to change our defeating thought patterns by reminding us to embrace our frame of reference and to be our own cheerleaders. ([25:40])

7 – Success is a series of failures and without them, we cannot reach our goal. No one is perfect and we shouldn’t quit because we fail. Failure is inevitable but it is a powerful tool that helps us learn and grow. ([29:50])

8 – The five-year successful business chat. I discuss the five-year business timeline and how it works. ([32:00])

9 – Lastly, we converse about the benefits of a great break and why we need time to give ourselves a

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