Episode 20: Do you know how to Push past your Pull?


What does it mean to push pass your pull?

Pushing past your pull means to keep moving forward. I want you to continue to live big. Push pass the things that are hindering you.

In life, we are confronted with so many obstacles that cause us to stop in our tracks. When we want to keep moving forward, we feel as if we are being pulled down and the weight of the obstacles is on our shoulders, pushing us away from our success.

I discuss some areas to focus on so we can get through those times of pull so we can push our way up and forward.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

1 – One of the key ideas we need to understand is: Identify. We need to identify what is holding you back ([7:00])
2 – Next, we need to ask ourselves how big do we want to play? ([10:35]) What are the goals we are trying to achieve? Is it a new car, a new home, financial independence? What are we pushing hard for?

3 – To achieve our big plays, we need to change our limiting beliefs. ([14:15]) When the narrative in our mind is constantly telling us we can’t and we aren’t capable, we limit ourselves because we believe the negative thoughts. Limiting beliefs can be a message we have been hearing from childhood, maybe from our parents, teachers, friends, people we looked up to when we were looking for guidance. Another source of limiting beliefs can be from our partners, a boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend and we have started to believe that we are not capable. For us to succeed we need to stop those thoughts and reprogram our minds to believe in our capacity to do what we are intended to do.

4 – When we change these beliefs, we start to work on our confidence. ([15:35]) When you work on yourself, no one can take that from you.

5 – Change your vocabulary, no more “I Can’t” replace that with “I CAN!” ([20:20])
6 – Lastly, I want you to think differently and find out what you need to change to achieve the growth you want in your life. ([22:50])

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