Episode 18: How To Love Yourself With Dr. Portia Locket


Loving yourself means you are taking your first step

Erica Lynn knows all to well how not loving yourself can put you in a whirlwind. After she went through her healing journey she was able to turn her pain into purpose, her fear into fearlessness and her gift of gab into a platform to change the lives of many.

Everyone has a purpose, but not everyone knows their purpose early in life. At age seven, Portia Lockett was clear about her calling: teaching and encouraging others, which later evolved into her becoming a school teacher.  After a lucrative career in media, she transitioned into speaking and training for major corporations including UAW GM, Chrysler, Women in Cable, the Detroit Area Agency on Aging, and The Detroit Medical Center.


The question then becomes what are your intentions?

Erica engages with her audience on a high level to share and answer their questions.

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • Dr. Portia shares how she became a speaker
  • What happens when God opens doors to transition
  • Dr. Portia drop nuggets on how to stay in your lane with your speaking expertise
  • Erica and Dr. Portia talk about how important it is to refer you to the right person
  • How to develop and grow your skill sets
  • Erica shares how she speaks incorrect English but it did not stop her
  • Don’t miss your message by focusing on what someone else thinks is best for you
  • Dr. Portia shares her truth and her mourning of her son
  • How to go through your healing process
  • Erica shares how she went through her healing journey
  • Dr. Portia shares ways to find forgiveness
  • “Delayed but not denied part 2” the title of Dr. Portia’s book
  • Erica Lynn shares, how sharing your experiences can help the next generation
  • Dr. Portia talks about what it looks like to love on yourself.

Powerful Quotes from Podcast

” I don’t look like what I been through.”

“God will make a way for you.”

“The end is the end for a new beginning”

“Love on yourself”

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When you have completed listening and learning from Erica it is important to take these selfcare routines and make an important part of your life.

When you stretch yourself, and rejuvenate you will be amazed of the things you will be able to do. Don’t give up on you!

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