Episode 11 : Unleashing The Power Inside of You


 The power that’s inside of you wants to come out

Your power can be diminished by tragedies or life circumstances that cause us to run and hide who we really are. Well that is exactly what happened to me. I will share stories in this podcast that give you major insight about my traumas before I became who I am called to be.

Erica Lynn is a Motivational speaker, transformational coach and author but she did not start out this way. Erica’s childhood and upbringing was not a fairy tale or a dream. She experienced traumatic experiences of pain, abuse and abandonment; however she did not let these things stop her from growing through her pains.


What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • You will hear Erica share her story in detail about her pain and abuse
  • You will hear about the things Erica did as a result of having low self esteem
  • You will learn some techniques to help you heal.
  • What is the 7 Techniques of Healing?
  • What is Healing and how it will help progress
  • You will learn how to educate yourself on what you need
  • Erica teaches you how to take action
  • Erica shares with you why is it so important to take your LEAP
  • Erica gives you an inspiration technique and a challenge that will help you grow internally and it start to show outwardly
  • Learn how to re-access and reevaluate where you are at that point
  • You will learn how to use all of your knowledge and share with the world
  • Erica shares how her life turned around and the people that helped her do so.
  • Erica speaks a piece from her EP Never Give Up, Never Quit

Powerful Quotes from Podcast

“Never Give Up, Never quit.”

“You Matter.”


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