Don’t Be Afraid To Step Out Of Your Box


Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. This can go hand and hand with the chapter LEAP in the 7 Techniques of Healing book. You must learn to take risks and take chances if you are ever going to move forward. Get out of your comfort zone in order to reach where you want to be. Take that chance on something you have never done before to reach your goal.



You want to be a singer, but you only sing to yourself and close friends or family. There was a vocal competition posted on social media it is local but broadcasts nationally. In order to audition you must go in front of a live audience and perform your song to make it on the broadcasted competition. You are nervous and would rather just forget about the competition because you’ve never performed in front of these many people before and what if they don’t like you. Let’s stop right there! Don’t let doubt and nerves keep you from taking a Leap of faith. You must get out of your comfort zone in order to make it where you want to be. If you don’t take the audition, you’ll be doing what you’ve been doing and that’s gotten you to where you are. The problem with that is it hasn’t gotten you any further, it’s time to take a Leap. You take the audition and even if you don’t make the show you’ve won over new fans and had a chance to voice where they can find you. You’ve also made new connection and took a step out of your box.

Taking a step out of your comfort zone will bring you new opportunities and new connections. It is scary at first but so are all things that you have never done before. So, remember this if you’re thinking about planning that book signing, going to that audition, sending in your resume, emailing that producer, or uploading your work DO IT! So much more can come out of it than not doing it all. Experience and taking a Leap a faith gets you a lot further than quitting and not trying will ever get you in life. Live with no regrets when it comes to your dream and do it!


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