Decluttering your home, mind, spirit, and body

Erica Lynn lays it on thick in her podcast about decluttering. She even includes amazing tips to declutter. You would never think it would be that simple but once you take the time to follow the steps it really is!!

What is decluttering?

Decluttering is to remove mess or clutter from (a place). to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions, etc.): Declutter your calendar and spend more time with your family.

What are the benefits of decluttering?

Some of the benefits of decluttering your home are obvious and immediate. Chief among them is saving time and avoiding the stress of hunting for misplaced items. Others may be less noticeable but are equally valuable. First, your home is probably safer and healthier. We are going to talk about decluttering your home, mind, spirit, and body. Also how having all of those aspects decluttered together create a better life for you.

Decluttering Mentally

When you talk about decluttering the first thing you think of is your home, but we are going to talk about decluttering your mind first. So, what does it mean to declutter mentally? Decluttering mentally means to remove unnecessary stressors or events and emotions taking up space for the new positive thought process you are about to have.

Tips: You can try taking a pen and paper and writing down all your thoughts or what ever is hindering you mentally. Write it all down and after writing you can choose to keep the paper in a journal or declutter and throw away all the negativity that’s on that paper. It’s gone from your head and gone in real life.

Decluttering mentally reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and makes room for positive thoughts.


Decluttering spiritually

Next, we are going to talk about what it takes to declutter spiritually. Decluttering spiritually means to remove unnecessary people, stressors, and trauma crowding up your life and energy.

Tip: You can say affirmations to yourself daily to remove what you are used to hearing. For example : “I am amazing at what I do” “I will become who I am supposed to be” “I must succeed at everything I put my mind to” or “I am beautiful” “I am handsome”

Decluttering spiritually puts you on the path you are meant to follow to become your true self. You align more with what matches your purpose. You will also attract and take in nothing but positive energy.

Decluttering your house and body

Last and but not least we are going to talk about decluttering your home and your body together since they both consist of physical items. Decluttering your body is to remove unhealthy and toxic things from your body to make room for the healthy organisms that need room to breathe. Decluttering your house is to remove unnecessary items crowding up your living space.

Tips: Use bins to separate clutter from what’s actually used. Take those bins that will be full one done decluttering and put the bins in storage or in a safe place. Throw away or donate unused items and clothing.

Tips: Decluttering your body, eat healthier, make a simple weight loss goal for one month on your new diet. Work out! EricaLynn showed us during the pandemic you don’t need a gym or equipment to get fit turn on that music and move that body to the beat and sweat those pounds off. Cut back on alcohol and fast foods. Take vitamins.

How they flow together

When one has decluttered and removed unnecessary stress from your mind, items from your house, detoxed your body, and spiritually now there is more room for you to accept positive energy. You will notice the ease and peace in life you miss out on when there is nothing but clutter in front of your eyes and in your head. You miss out on your calling, and you miss out on your purpose and the path your supposed to take when there is too much blockage. Decluttering mind, body, spirit, and home will clear up obstacles and let you be on your way to truly becoming who you are supposed to be.



In conclusion, following the tips Erica Lynn gives you on her podcast and being committed to decluttering home, mind, body, and spirit takes action and determination. Decluttering isn’t just a one step process you must be committed in keeping it that way. Don’t clean up your home just to empty out that bin tomorrow in your laundry room and clutter that space. Don’t start eating healthy today just to eat pizza for the rest of the week. Don’t tell yourself you are beautiful just to push negative thoughts back in your mind the next day. You must keep up your good habits to get rid of the bad habits.

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