Overcoming Abuse and Domestic Violence

Life has a funny way of changing who you are or who you think you were. Many people in life allow there past to define and dictate their future. I believe if you address a problem deal with it no matter how painful and hurtful it is, you can then overcome. I was in a verbally abusive relationship for many years, sometimes it would get physical, but the verbal abuse was enough to lower my self-esteem as low as it possibly could be. Every time I was called stupid or made to feel that no other man would ever want me or made to feel like a child and that I had no voice of my own, that stuck in my head and I could not get past the things that were said. I use to say if my father was part of my everyday life none of this would happen. The truth is I had to come to realization that I went through these experiences and learned lessons, learned healing techniques, and most important learned how to overcome my weaknesses. This picture represents some training I did with Turning Point, Domestic Violence and Sexual assault program. I thought I was attending to train to heal others but in hindsight I received the biggest healing of my life and finally was free from the pain. For many years I would ask God what my purpose is, it took over 20 years for God to reveal my purpose in life. There is a lot of broken women today but I want to be an encouragement that This too shall past. Remember after the rain is gone the sun will come out and shine.

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