You are on your way to an exciting purpose filled life

This all started because you took your first step

Remember what it felt like to smile for no reason?

Have a life that’s full of purpose?

Walk through a path that was created for you?

Now your life feels as if it has no meaning, no value or no worth.

It is time to turn things around and put you back in the game.

That’s where I come in!

I believe once the steps of healing are walked into, women are able to play big in their lives.

You will no longer have fears but instead be courageous and unstoppable unleashing things in you that you’ve suppressed.

I too was held back by the fears and traumas of my life. I was abused, abandoned, had low esteem, and finally hit rock bottom where I thought my life had no meaning and no purpose.

All of which I’ve also healed, elevated, conquered, and walked into who God has called me to be.

This is the source of my knowing that in order to discover your healing and fully walk into your purpose and power the single strongest foundation in our life.

You must be willing to open doors to what you have always dreamed of.

I am Erica Lynn.

I specialize in motivating those who are held by limitations, fear, doubt, and those who just want change. I understand the challenge of having weakness, I too had to overcome them After I did the healing work on myself, my test is now a testimony…

I am an author, keynote speaker, and podcast host motivating people all over the world into using proven healing techniques that will help you take 1 Step Beyond U.

I am the happiest I’ve been.

I have been living my dreams of helping people overcome weaknesses.

I was a young mother at 17, I now have 3 wonderful amazing adult children, whom I’ve learned great lessons from.

I lived in my past for many years being ashamed of the choices I’ve made.

After I took it all to God and began to do the necessary work of healing myself, I no longer live the life of being tested, I now live the life of being a testimony.

Startup Story

I started 1 Step Beyond U in 2018, from then on I’ve built a long list of clientele whom I’ve helped walk through their journey. Erica Lynn Speaks is where I take to the public using my motivational speaking and podcast platform.


“Erica is a compassionate, full of life and energy speaker. She has an amazing ability to connect with people from many different walks of life. Her speeches are filled with powerful messages that will motivate and inspire you to transform your life. Thank you, Erica, for making a positive impact in my relationship with my teenage son. It has never been better. YOU truly are an inspirational speaker and a wonderful human being.” – Kathy S


“Well where do I start, what can I say about this young lady, my neighbor and friend, my sister in the Gospel. When I first met her, it was her smile that drew me, along with her beautiful children. I was engaged to a gentleman who later broke my heart and left me devastated. But God always has a ram in the bush. He blessed me with a friend who I can talk to, she didn’t man bash, but she gave me loving advice. She always includes me in her family functions, I feel like I’m family she shares her children whom I love like my own. She always calls to check on me. Especially during my health challenges. When I’m feeling down and alone, she is in the Spirit because she is always on time with her love, she is always the same. I can always call on her even when she is tired from her job, she makes sacrifices to help me out. She has encouraged me to keep going, tells me that I’m beautiful, has shown me how to be resilient, and to smile again inside and out. If you ever get an opportunity to meet her accept and cherish her friendship. She is beautiful inside and out.” – Denise D


“Erica has motivated me beyond my own thoughts. I never have been a person to exercise, and I asked god to send someone to help me. And the phone rang……she said “Nedra…. get up it’s time to grow.” And we have been moving ever since.” – Nedra B


“I am a 60-year-old African-American woman that was sitting around doing nothing. Erica Lynn started a Facebook live work out group during Covid-19 quarantine. I mean she motivated me to never give up. I would be cooking and stepping in place, it got to the point, no matter where I was I could not stop moving. Erica Lynn I thank you so much for your encouragement and I appreciate you. Remember there’s only one Step Beyond You.” – Felicia D


“Working with Erica was definitely a new learning and heart felt experience I needed. Boosting my self confidence and learning to have more self love for myself was one of the biggest things I ever needed. Her services helped me in multiple ways in order to strive and pushed me where I needed to be. I would definitely recommend her to others 100%.” – Aneshia S


“63 years I have lived thus far only because GOD has kept me. So first I give to trinity all glory and thanks for bringing Erica Lynn into my life. I met Erica in the restroom at church, God spoke through me to speak inspiration upon and over her, not knowing she would become my coach.

I cannot remember just how but I believe it was on Facebook that I seen her post on her being a motivational speaker. I called for more information and we had scheduled a meeting. I was stuck emotionally and somewhat spiritually and I wanted to be unstuck. I had just lost my husband, retired, and had not a clue what to do, so I went back to school to get a certification to work as a health care worker. I completed it and was certified, but I was still stuck. As I cared for my client and served God, I was discouraged by the service being given and decided I would open up a business to care for people but I was stuck. With that being said about my history I thank God for Erica Lynn.

I now have a name for my business, Gods Anointing Encouraging Care Facility, and I’m going to school for health care business management. Praying to God, I will graduate in 2021 in July. Thank you, Erica, for writing it only takes 1 step beyond You and with God involved and your coaching I’m not stuck anymore, and my walk with God had grown stronger. I encourage anyone who may have a story like mine, be it different or not, Give Erica a call she is anointed and well knowledgeable when it comes to coaching and motivating. Thank you, Erica.” – Debra W

If you are ready to have uncontrollable laughter… If you are ready to find the values within yourself…If you are ready to discover your purpose and be open to all of life’s possibilities….

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