Episode 1: 1 Step Beyond U – Getting God Involved


Erica Lynn is a motivational speaker who focuses on inner healing, Her past experiences have made her a life coach to many and through her podcast show, “Erica Lynn Speaks, previously known as ” 1 Step Beyond U”, teaches how to look beyond your pain and painful past and focusing on the future. She is a coach and a motivational speaker determined to change the world through her platforms.

Today’s Podcast piece is going to be with a great guest Pastor Leon McDonald III of The Winners circle church, He is a pastor, an athletic coach, a husband and a financial coach who has reached out to many through his amazing book ”Getting God Involved”

Tune in and watch this great piece.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Brief biography about Pastor Leon McDonald III
  • The Winners Circle church
  • Dealing with the past
  • Being the change you want to see
  • Brief introduction to the book “Getting God Involved”
  • Motivation for dealing with the past
  • How to get God Involved
  • Keeping records of helpers
  • Understanding God’s process

God has always been 1 step beyond you, beyond the pain and everything you have been through.  It does not matter if it was in your past, because there was a process God has to take you through. God always has a plan and everything he does is to put that plan together. If you want to see success, you got to step back and make way for the spirit; the message of God is personal because the Holy Spirit makes the message fits even if its 400 people listening to that same message in one room, God uses people to customize you….. All IT TAKES IS JUST 1 STEP BEYOND YOU.

Powerful Quotes from Podcast

“You already got enough to start with and that is more than enough for God to use.”

“You cannot erase the past but you don’t need to replay it.”

“You cannot go with you if you want to go beyond you.”

Watch this amazing life changing podcast:

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It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire or the life you imagine in our transformation together. Let’s continue the conversation.

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