Get a free copy of Erica Lynn’s Guide

Discover How To Identify the areas in your life that have held you back and Excel Beyond them.

Get a free copy of Erica Lynn’s Guide

Discover How To Identify the areas in your life that have held you back and Excel Beyond them.

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Meet Erica Lynn

Motivational Speaker, Transformational Coach, Podcast Host, Author

Hi I’m Erica, and my purpose is to help you identify the deep rooted pain that has caused you to play small and be held back in your life. I will teach you my 7 techniques of healing, while motivating, inspiring, and coaching you into a life of happiness, freedom, abundance, courageousness, and change.

I believe once the steps of healing are walked into, women are able to play big in their lives. You will no longer have fears, but instead be courageous and unstoppable unleashing things in you that you’ve suppressed.

I lived in my past for many years being ashamed of the choices I’ve made – blaming my father for not being a part of my life, and blaming myself for the damage that was caused, which led me on a path of self-destruction. After hitting rock bottom, feeling as if my life had no meaning, I remember asking God, “what is my purpose?”           

It was then revealed to me that I must heal my wounds and brokenness. Growing through the process of 7 Techniques of Healing, I not only healed, but I discovered my purpose… And I’m going to show you how to do the same.

It’s Time For You To Take 1 Step Beyond U!

With the right tools and techniques you will be ready to heal for a higher purpose

1 Step beyond U is not just a name but it’s a place you can come to learn and receive the healing that’s needed to excel to the next level of your life.

 In order to excel in your career, your business and in life you must first be willing to do the work that is necessary.

 Our keynote Speaker, Erica Lynn, will take you to a place that will make you laugh or cry, but at the end the healing you receive will be phenomenal.

 If you’re a courageous woman who is willing to dig deep down inside themselves, and ready to identify the pain, in order to peel back the layers of deep rooted hurt of forgiveness, and let the inner light shine then this is for you.

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Erica Lynn is an established speaker who will take you on a journey as she shares her personal triumph over abuse and illness. She reveals how she overcame her tragic beginnings and found success and happiness, using a method that anyone can implement in their own life. Her story allows you to self-reflect and see yourself in a brand-new way. Prepare to Laugh, Cry, and Jump for joy.

Erica Lynn has mass appeal and is loved by all audiences. She wants you to know that no matter where you are in life right now, you can make it even better. Erica Lynn inspires and motivates, giving you the push you’re looking for.

The 7 Techniques of Healing (keynote speech and program)
The 7 Techniques of Healing Program is seven proven techniques that will teach you how to get the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Motivating into your purpose (keynote speech and event)
8 steps that force you to dig deep inside of yourself to walk into your purpose.

P.R.O.C.E.S.S. (Keynote speech)
Uses the acronym to help you understand patience and the steps you need to reach your goals.

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